About Us

Reset TV is a programme of online workshops, talks, trainings, listening spaces, and more, brought to you by Extinction Rebellion and using the video conferencing service Zoom.


Extinction Rebellion’s 2020 strategy calls us to mobilise a million people in active response to the intersecting crises humanity is currently facing, while proactively bringing into being the regenerative cultures we'll need to survive them. Reset TV aims to platform content that works towards these twin aims.

Individuals and communities across Extinction Rebellion are offering a range of events, free of charge, which are available to anyone and everyone. We want to platform your content too, you can submit events here


Please help us spread the word, share this website on all your social media channels and beyond. Reset TV is a way we can connect, share our unique skills and contributions, and mobilise for a Regenerative Revolution. 

❗The views expressed on Reset TV do not necessarily reflect those of all the people in Extinction Rebellion. The aim is provide an online platform for a variety of view and perspectives❗

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